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Background information about the HCG diet and why Dr. Marcantel has included it as part of her weight loss protocol. Dr. Tina Marcantel is a naturopathic doctor in Gilbert, Arizona, who also serves the East Valley cities of Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Apache Junction, and Queen Creek, and the greater Phoenix area.

After hearing about the HCG diet, Dr. Marcantel did extensive research to assess the suitability of this weight loss method as a part of her overall clinical practice. She is not a fan of “fad diets,” but she recognizes that there are times when simply following a good nutrition and exercise routine are not enough to lose stubborn pounds and inches.

Before recommending the treatment to others, she tried it herself with excellent results. Based on her personal experience she then worked with several patients as a clinical trial, again seeing excellent results. In many cases, patients see a weight loss of between one-half pound to a pound a day of losses during the “fat-burning” phase of the diet.

What excites Dr. Marcantel most about this program are the potential health benefits for patients who shed extra pounds. The cosmetic benefits are nice, but more important is the potential for reducing blood pressure or diabetes medications and promoting a healthier lifestyle by breaking unhealthy food addictions.

It is important to note that this diet involves extreme calorie restriction. Dr. Marcantel strongly believes that it is critical to closely monitor each patient’s progress to assess any changes in their medical condition. This is why patients are required to keep their scheduled check-in appointments while on the program.

Although a patient may lose 5 pounds a week or more on this program, Dr. Marcantel does not guarantee results.  Weight loss depends on many variables, such as adherence to the diet and how physically active the patient is, that are completely out of the control of Dr. Marcantel and her staff.  Though we will provide you with the tools and information to ensure your success, we can not guarantee that you will lose weight.

It is Dr. Marcantel’s goal to help you use this diet as a jump-start to a lifetime of healthful dietary and exercise habits!

In the 1950’s an Italian doctor named A.T.W. Simeons developed what has come to be known as the “Simeons Protocol” for a weight loss program that combines a very restricted calorie diet with the use of a hormone commonly known as HCG (hCG). Simeons claimed in his later book Pounds and Inches to have discovered some important keys to quick weight loss that targeted stored fat but did not break down muscle tissue.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone produced in pregnant women that allows the body to mobilize fat and use it as energy for both the mother and her fetus. By combining a small amount of this hormone with an extremely restricted calorie intake, it’s possible to lose stored body fat without a significant loss of energy or feelings of extreme hunger.

A New Protocol

The 80 page program guide used in Dr. Marcantel’s HCG program is a revised, updated version of the original Simeons diet that offers a wider variety and larger quantity of food that is safer but still obtains the same great results!  The program also includes a protocol of vitamins and nutritional supplements to enhance health and energy during the “fat burning” phase of the diet and minimize potential side effects of extreme calorie restriction.

The FDA requires this disclaimer regarding HCG:

Indications and usage: HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or “normal” distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.

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