Dr. Oz Investigates the HCG Diet

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Dr. Oz recently talked about the HCG diet on his program. Dr. Marcantel comments on some of the concerns that were raised as he investigated the diet. Dr. Tina Marcantel is a naturopathic doctor in Gilbert, Arizona, who also serves the East Valley cities of Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Chandler, and the greater Phoenix area.

Dr Marcantel addresses concerns about the HCG diet raised on the Dr. Oz showDr. Oz dedicated part of his show recently to investigating the HCG diet. As he correctly pointed out, this extremely low-calorie diet is somewhat controversial and has both its champions and its detractors within the medical community. Here are a few of the concerns about the diet that were raised and Dr. Marcantel’s comments about them and why our program is different from many others that are offered:

*The strict 500-calorie diet that Dr. Simeons called for when he introduced the diet in the 1950’s can be potentially dangerous because of a lack of important vitamins and minerals. There were also reports on the show of side effects such as hair loss, irregular menstrual cycles, lack of energy, and others.

Dr. Marcantel: I agree that the original diet is much too restrictive. That is why we offer a revised diet that was designed by a nutritionist that contains a healthier variety of foods and approximately 800 calories a day. Along with the diet our program also provides a wide range of vitamins and nutritional supplements, including B vitamins, to help maintain energy and health while avoiding the reported side effects of the diet. Even with this revised diet and nutritional supplementation we see amazing results in loss of pounds and inches.

*People are buying homeopathic HCG drops off the Internet that contain little or no trace of the actual HCG hormone.

Dr. M: Our program uses only pharmaceutical grade hormone injections or sublingual drops.

*An extreme low-calorie diet should only be attempted under a doctor’s supervision.

Dr. M: I absolutely agree! That is why I only offer the HCG diet to patients who have first been admitted to my care and who have undergone thorough testing and given a complete medical history to me. Not everyone is a good candidate for this diet. In fact, I often will suggest that we work on getting the hormones balanced first to ensure that the patient will be able to effectively lose the weight and keep it off long-term. Sometimes just dealing with thyroid or other hormonal issues is enough to help a person start losing weight without doing the diet. If and when a person does start the HCG diet, I closely monitor their progress with weekly visits to make sure they stay healthy throughout the process.

*People who lose weight with quick-loss diets tend to put the weight back on.

Dr. M: This can certainly be true. One reason is that thyroid and estrogen imbalances can prevent maintenance of weight, and that’s why balancing hormones first is important. Also as part of my program I work with the patients to develop a whole new way of eating that can help them maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime. Frankly, the HCG diet is, for me, just one more tool that I have in my kit to help people on their journey to a healthier and happier life.

To learn all about the HCG diet program offered by Dr. Marcantel, visit our HCG Diet Central. You can find what is included in our program, the costs of the program, video testimonials from some of our patients, and much more.

To view video clips from Dr. Oz’s HCG show, follow this link.

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