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Find out what some of our patients have to say about their experiences with our HCG diet program. Dr. Tina Marcantel is a naturopathic doctor in Gilbert, Arizona. She also serves the surrounding cities of Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, and the greater Phoenix area.


I started working with Dr. Marcantel about four months ago. In that amount of time I’ve lost 41 pounds and almost 28 inches, and I’ve done it on the HCG program–Dr. Marcantel’s holistic HCG program. Now, there are other HCG clinics that offer HCG only or the HCG diet only and they say you can do it much quicker. There are also websites that offer to send you just the HCG from an unknown source and the diet to follow and that you don’t need any doctor’s supervision. I would recommend strongly to anybody NOT to do that.

By working with Dr. Marcantel, the first thing we did was make sure my hormones were in balance and that my adrenal gland and my thyroid gland were all working correctly so that my body was just primed for weight loss and then the pounds just started coming off.

Additionally, HCG can come with some unpleasant side effects, especially for women–things like thinning hair and brittle nails and dry skin. Dr. Marcantel provided a full complement of nutritional supplements and herbal supplements and vitamin supplements so that none of that ever happened. So not only did the weight and inches come off, but my energy has gone through the roof and I probably feel better now than I have at any time of my life at any size!

If you’re considering the HCG diet my best recommendation based on how successful this has been for me is that you don’t do it the fastest way, you don’t do it the cheapest way, but that you think about contacting Dr. Tina Marcantel and just do it the right way.

Bobbi V.


“Muscle weighs more than fat.” How many times do chronic dieters hear that phrase? I was a yo-yo dieter that never lost weight, just built muscle and had a really healthy heart from all the hours of cardio. I needed help, so I called Dr. Marcantel to report on my personal belly/breast dilemma. I wanted my belly to be smaller than my breasts, and diet and exercise had left me feeling a little flat. Dr. Marcantel listened to my concerns over the phone and had me come in the very next day for my initial HCG appointment. She said I was a perfect candidate for HCG due to my overall good health and plateau in weight loss. This was the day before Thanksgiving, a great day to start the fat loading days.

As any good dieter, I could count calories, work out twice a day, drink water and watch my portions. What a surprise to find out that all my previous diet experience would come into play but not dominate my life. The HCG diet was remarkably easier than all the other diets and programs I had tried and got stuck on. Weigh yourself every morning, give yourself a shot in the privacy of your own home [note: oral drops are also available], stick to the meal plan, and record your daily food. This seemed easy. The results were GREAT! I did all the aspects of the plan, but didn’t work out like crazy. I actually shorted my workouts to twice a week when I was on the diet and just took my dog for more walks. I was not hungry during the diet. I really didn’t crave anything because I knew what was happening in my body due to the reading material provided by Dr. Marcantel and seeing her every week to answer my questions. I liked the simplicity of the HCG plan (no meetings, shakes, or sweat). I just gave myself a shot in the morning and watched a 1/2 pound of fat come off my body about every day. I lost a total of 13.7 pounds in four weeks and 12.5 inches around my total body. I actually lost 3.5 inches around my bigger belly area, underneath the belly button–the spare tire that sits in your lap. You know the one! Just try the HCG diet and watch the tire deflate.

Andrea Cole, Professional Educator, HCG Success Story


I have done 2 sessions of HCG with Dr. Marcantel. I have several health problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, estrogen dominance, diabetes & under active thyroid, so I’ve had problems with most diets. I don’t lose easily & when I struggled to lose with Weight Watchers it all came back on fast. I have had success with HCG. I took the injections both times. I lost 20 pounds the 1st time & 14 1/2 pounds the 2nd time. The 1st time I did the Simeons original plan & I was hungry on it. I understand that people with thyroid disease & the metabolic problems I have are the ones who might experience hunger. The 2nd time I did the revised plan which allows a wider variety of vegetables & fruit & allows more protein too. I could do this version more easily & still lost over 14 pounds in 3 weeks. The wonderful part for me is that I have been able to keep the weight off.

Before my first series of HCG injections my lab tests indicated that I was diabetic.  After the HCG series, the lab results improved enough that I was considered ‘pre-diabetic’ instead of diabetic. I had blood tests today for the first time since my 2nd series of HCG injections and my blood sugar is within normal range!  These are the health benefits in addition to weight loss that the HCG plan has resulted in for me.  I couldn’t be more pleased!   I am as happy about the other health benefits of the HCG plan as I am about the weight loss! Thanks Dr. Marcantel and HCG!!

Char Kelley


I’m 52 years old and went from a tight size 16 to a comfortable size 12, in under a month, with the HCG diet!  Dr. Marcantel made it easy, as to following precise nutritional instructions in addition to support and encouragement.  Surprisingly, it was easy once I got started. Having gone through infertility problems earlier in my life, I was subjected to various procedures and hormones that likely influenced a gradual, horrific weight gain.  Not only was I sluggish and with an altered self-esteem, but my joints particularly in my ankles were extremely painful.  I had always been active throughout my life, running track in college and continuing to stay active well into my 40’s.  As the weight increased, I worked with a personal trainer who insinuated that I was not keeping my food journal correctly. Various physicians tested me as to thyroid functions over the course of a decade, but there was no explanation for the weight gain,  and worse–there was truly no way to get it off. Having recently moved to Arizona I contacted Dr. Marcantel for an appointment.  She listened to me!  She believed me!  And after various testing, she started me on the HCG diet program.  As the first 20 pounds melted away, there was a calming journey which began.  Not only did I experience a physical metamorphosis but a spiritual one as well.  I made time to take care of me, appreciate my sacrifices, take pride in accomplishing my daily routines, and more.   I slept better each night, and best of all, my joint pain subsided.   I was taking the stairs 2-at-a -time again.

Presently I am on my second round of the improved version of HCG.  It is day 8, and I have lost another 10 pounds.  I am bringing out clothes that I have not worn in years.  I walk about 50 minutes daily, and/or ride a stationery bike.  My goal is to reach 130 pounds,  which will require one more round after  completing this one.  I genuinely can not imagine how life would have continued had I not been blessed for my path to cross with Dr. Marcantel and her wonderful staff!   You can do this too!



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