Why do many lab tests come back with “normal” results–even though a person may be feeling anything but normal?

It could be a hormone imbalance!

Young or old, male or female, it’s hormones that keep us feeling healthy and happy. An imbalance of hormones, though, can lead to chronic symptoms such as fatigue, abnormal weight gain, difficulty concentrating, dry skin and hair or feelings of anxiety, depression, and lack of motivation.

Imbalances can result from many things, including chronic stress, life changes like childbirth or menopause, or even a traumatic event.

The good news is that there are ways to detect these imbalances and it’s possible to treat their related symptoms at their root causes–often using a natural approach.

Join me, Dr. Tina Marcantel, for a FREE in person informational meeting to learn about a natural approach to hormone balancing and to get your questions answered!

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