Guided Energy Sessions

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Dr. Marcantel’s Protocol:
 Guided Energy Sessions

chakrasUsing a combination of acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and counseling Dr. Marcantel will guide you through the process of identifying and releasing emotional triggers and getting dense energy moving through your body to be released.

First, she will use acupuncture at several strategic meridians to help you relax and prepare for the energy work you’ll be doing.

She will then lead you into EFT by showing you specific meridian points to tap on.

As you work through the meridian points Dr. Marcantel will intuitively guide you to identify those parts of you–what she calls “the children of the chakras”–that need to be heard and validated. This leads to a return to self-love and healing on all levels of your being.

During this time you will also learn more about how the different chakras relate to your different organ systems and why blocked energy in the chakras can manifest as physical symptoms.

At the end of the session Dr. Marcantel will instruct you in meditation and relaxation techniques you can use at home to continue your healing journey.

What Can Dr. Marcantel’s Guided Energy Sessions Do for You?

*They provide a safe place to express the parts of you that need to be heard and validated.

*They will educate you about the energy centers in your body (the chakras) and how they relate to physical well-being.

*They will help you become aware of thoughts, emotions, and belief systems that are not benefiting you and that are keeping you stuck in both emotional and physical problems.

*They will raise awareness of the cause of “triggers” that can lead to both emotional distress and physical symptoms. By identifying these triggers you will learn how to detach and observe them rather than reacting to them, allowing you to release them.

*They will free blocked energy and promote physical healing when used in conjunction with other healing modalities such as IV therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy, nutritional supplements, and medications.

*They will help you deal with the root causes of chronic illnesses so you can maintain your healing long-term.

*They will return you to your natural state of freedom and self-love.

The “Tools” of Energy Work


The human body’s energy (called the “chi” in Chinese medicine) flows through meridians or channels that are normally balanced. If a disruption of energy flow exists, it can affect the entire body system, producing pain or symptoms throughout different areas of the body. Correction of this delicate balance corrects the body’s dysfunction or problem. Acupuncture needles are solid and extremely thin (about the width of a human hair). They are sterile and used only once and then discarded, so there is no risk of infection from this treatment. When the acupuncture needle contacts the energy channel at specific points on the body the sensation is felt as a mild dull aching sensation or a tingling sensation. This usually passes very quickly.

Emotional Freedom Technique 
(EFT or Tapping)

EFT is another tool to get dense or stuck energy moving. This technique involves tapping on different meridian points of the body to release energy while speaking aloud phrases that help you acknowledge and then release suppressed emotions and beliefs. EFT can be a powerful tool for releasing negative beliefs that can cause physical ailments or emotional distress.

Working with the Chakras

The seven chakras are the energy centers in our body. Each of these energy centers has a related spiritual truth—that is, the truth about who we are. In ayurvedic medicine (traditional holistic Indian medicine), each of the chakrasalso corresponds to physical areas and organ systems in your body. If what you truly believe about yourself does not align with the sacred truth of a particular chakra, the energy flow in your body is blocked or dense and that can affect the related physical organs.

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