Video transcript:

Q: ‪‪How do we define stress?

Dr. Marcantel: ‪‪Stress is your body’s response to certain circumstances, ‪‪and those circumstances can be anything from external to internal.

‪‪For instance, if your job is stressful, if there’s stress in the family, if there’s personal stress, ‪‪if there’s internal stress such as illnesses–this is all considered ‪‪stress.

Stress first affects the nervous system, ‪‪then if affects the endocrine system, and when I refer to the endocrine system I mean ‪‪all of the glands that release hormones. ‪‪And then the hormones affect the organ systems, and then the organ systems ‪‪tell us that we are having stress through signs and symptoms ‪‪such as “wired and tired.”

The “wired” part of that is the adrenal glands releasing a lot of cortisol. ‪‪Irritability comes with that. And the tired part of that is you feel tired all the time, ‪‪it’s hard to concentrate, so the adrenal glands are releasing a lot of cortisol but then they get tired and they go into an adrenal fatigue state.

Q: We know you deal with the whole person and you gave us some examples of how the body is ‪‪affected by stress. What about stress and the emotions and the mind and the spirit? Are there any connections between those?

When I talk with my patients, I always say, “A healthy soul ‪‪equals a healthy body.” ‪‪Just as we nurture ourselves with the right kinds of food, with nutrition, we need to nurture ourselves with love and compassion and understanding.

A lot of times we’re very hard on ourselves. ‪‪Sometimes we over expend our energy. We volunteer too much, we can’t say no. ‪‪We’re afraid we’ll feel guilty if we say no…we want to be liked! ‪‪So we don’t say no, so what we do is overextend ourselves and then we ‪‪get tired. So we have to look at the whole person here.

I tell people that come into my office ‪‪that we want to get to the root cause of your problem and why are we having adrenal fatigue? ‪‪So we look at their lifestyle and what’s going on and we look at how ‪‪they’re treating themselves and all the circumstances around them.

‪‪I always tell people to look at ‪‪energy as money. ‪‪When we have money in our checking account we’re very aware of ‪‪where we put our money and who we give our money to and why. And so I tell ‪‪people to come into more of an awareness and a consciousness ‪‪of thinking of your energy as valuable, as more valuable–as money. ‪‪

And so in other words you become more aware where you give out ‪‪your energy. And then you make a conscious decision where you want to give out your energy and then you ask yourself, “Why? Am I ‪‪giving this energy out because I’m in fear about something? About somebody not liking me or I’m going to feel guilty?” Or whatever. So ‪‪you also look at your intentions, as well, because your intentions are just as ‪important ‪‪when you give out your energy.

‪‪Of course, we want to serve others but we have to serve ourselves first. ‪‪We have to learn to love and nurture ourselves. ‪‪And this will bring healing to the body as well as the adrenal glands.

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