Here are testimonials from some of Dr. Marcantel’s patients. Dr. Tina Marcantel is a naturopathic doctor practicing in Gold Canyon, Arizona, and serving the East Valley cities of Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, and the greater Phoenix area.

Michele N.

Farah B.

I sought help from Dr. Tina after experiencing increased anxiety, acne, trouble sleeping, and moodiness since removing my Implanon, a form of birth control I had been on for years. Dr. Tina listened to my symptoms with compassion and understanding, and instead of sending me on my way with a prescription for pills, suggested we test my hormones. The results returned to us in a couple of weeks, revealing some alarming imbalances. My testosterone was high, progesterone was low, and my cortisol was through the roof. It was truly eye-opening to see a visual of how awful I had been feeling. Dr. Tina promptly wrote me a script for natural supplements intended to help get my levels back to normal. After a few months of closely following my custom regimen, my anxiety, moodiness, and skin started to clear! For the first time in ages I’m actually feeling like myself again, and am able to handle the stress of daily life that previously overwhelmed and agitated me. Dr. Tina continues to check in and adjust my regimen me as needed. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to the bottom of my hormonal issues and help me get my anxiety under control!

Anna M.


Mitch N.

Lequita C.

When I first came to see Dr. Marcantel, I had already been to two major medical centers. I had years of invasive testing, as well as an unnecessary surgery to remove my gallbladder. Visiting her was my last hope. I was struggling with severe exhaustion that often left me bedridden, stomach issues, brain fog, and many other things. The day of my visit, I barely made it in due to exhaustion. I made it to the appointment, and Dr Marcantel never promised a quick fix, never seemed overconfident; she approached my situation with a level of care you’d expect from a friend. This was so reassuring after the doctors I’d encountered that promised me the world and never delivered. She ordered a small amount of tests that resulted in IV therapy treatments. As someone who is awful with needles, I’ll say that Dr Marcantel is not only the best at administering an IV, she’s also a pleasure to talk to during the process. After my first IV, I had more energy than I had had in years and was able to go about daily activities (like grocery shopping) that I’d been struggling to get done. After my second IV, I went to the gym. I completed the IV therapy program, follow the strict list of food intolerances that her testing found, and now have a properly balanced thyroid and hormones. I’m working a full time job, have an active social life, and could not feel more grateful that I took a chance visiting Dr. Marcantel.

Lauren K.


This compassionate and caring doctor has made a huge positive impact on my health and well-being. Those of you who are concerned about managing your health, as opposed to merely treating your symptoms, will want to carefully consider seeking out a good naturopathic practitioner like Dr. Marcantel.

Mitch N.

Rosita O.

I wanted to write something to say how much I appreciate Dr. Marcantel.
I first went to see her about five years ago because I was tired of listening to other doctors tell me I was fine. I had a thyroid problem, weight gain, feeling tired, and not feeling myself. When I went to see her she took the time to listen to me and did not rush me out of her office like other doctors had in the past. I really felt for the first time in a long time someone cared and they could help me. One of the things I love about her is she goes by how you’re feeling, not just by blood work. She really cares about you and will listen and help you. I feel great today. She got me on the right dose of medicine and has helped me in so many other ways, as well. It is nice to know that my doctor really does care. Thank you, Dr. Marcantel, for all you have done in my life.

Cindy L.

Amy M.

After exhausting a multitude of painful tests and a plethora of ‘the best’ specialists, I had gotten to the point that I was going to let a pain clinic sever nerves just so I could have a decent quality of life. Literally, within days of seeing Dr. M. I found answers to heart arrhythmia (which eluded heart specialists for months!), exhaustion, joint and bone pain, etc. Dr. M. allowed me to be active in my own healing while supplying the knowledge, supplements and medications I needed to get my chronic illness under control. It is a battle I fight to this day, and I will for the rest of the my life, but Dr. M. (and her wonderful, different book) gave me insights, choices and information that I was unable to find for OVER twenty years! Thank you Dr. M.

Jenny M.

At 19 years old  I always used to be exhausted every day; I felt like I was “running on empty,” or like I was stuck in a rut and could not get out of it…I would wake up tired and I would stay that way all day, and I had to take naps every day or else I could not function…I also got sick a lot and my cycles were so unpredictable that I would sometimes get two in one month, along with very painful cramps…I was depressed a lot and I always had a constant feeling of being “down” and sad…I have always had extremely cold hands and feet…

I expressed some of these things I had been going through to Dr. Marcantel one day, and she suggested I get my blood tested for Hashimoto’s disease. It turns out that she was right on with the diagnosis; I do have Hashimoto’s disease. I did a hormone salivary test and those results showed that I was estrogen dominant. Since Dr. Marcantel has been treating me with the bio-identical hormones and Nature-Throid, my hands and feet don’t get cold at all anymore, my cycles are regulated and the cramping isn’t severe anymore, I am not nearly as emotional as I used to be, I wake up easier and feel more rested throughout the day, and I have much more energy

I have heard many patients say that Dr. Marcantel has helped give them their lives back, or that they feel more like the “old them,” but I cannot say that… only because I have never felt this good, ever. This is a life that I have not experienced before; I have never had this much energy and have never felt this good.

Brianna M.

(Click here to read Brianna’s complete story of how her life has changed with proper treatment for her Hashimoto’s disease and hormone imbalances.)

I was having premenstrual symptoms and had been to several doctors that had no answers for hormonal relief–they said my estrogen was fine. I was also having weird allergy symptoms with each period. Dr. Marcantel’s treatment gave me back my life! By working with me to balance hormones and adding a diet plan I feel like myself again. I’ve lost more that twenty pounds, am sleeping better, and have much of my old energy back. And my allergies disappeared! …Dr. Marcantel has one of the most informative, thorough, and caring websites online. The articles and recipes alone are worth their weight in gold.

Michele N.

Inga shares her thoughts about her initial visit with Dr. Marcantel…

Inga J.


I was having a lot of joint and muscle pain, was having trouble sleeping, and by mid-afternoon I was exhausted. I’d also had a chronic yeast infection for about two years. Dr. Marcantel diagnosed me with an overgrowth of candida and put me on a special diet with supporting vitamins. Within the first week my muscle and joint pain were pretty much gone and the yeast infection is now completely gone. The services I have received have been above and beyond any medical services I have received in the past. The office staff is very friendly and Dr. Marcantel is passionate about her work.

Traci C.


I signed up for six weeks of nutritional monitoring and was amazed with the results. With a few changes to my diet and some additional supplements I was feeling better within a few weeks. My IBS was under control, I was sleeping better, 100% less stressed, and I lost 7 pounds to boot! …Dr. Marcantel’s calm and caring demeanor was a healing factor in itself. Such a refreshing experience after the harsh clinical treatment I was getting at traditional doctors’ offices.

Linda P.

I did not take care of myself for a number of years as I was working full-time, going to school full-time, and raising my family. My health suffered and conventional medicine never addressed the root causes of what was going on. I needed someone who would work with me, one on one, and provide the answers I so desperately needed to heal my body…My whole life improved with Dr. Marcantel’s help. I took back control of my body and I determined, with Dr. Marcantel’s guidance, the most important issues that needed to be addressed. I have lost twenty-five pounds while increasing my bone mass by three percent. I have more energy than I have had in years. I think much clearer and have so much more knowledge of what is really healthy eating.

I am still working with Dr. Marcantel on my prediabetes and estrogen dominance and have already seen a significant improvement with my blood sugar numbers and my menopause symptoms. I sleep better than I ever have before and have not had a single hot flash in the last month. There are so many little things that Dr. Marcantel was able to change for me. The most important improvement was that she gave me the knowledge to fix what was truly wrong and not just address the symptoms.

I was very impressed with all the information she had available for the general public on her website. I could not wait to find out what other knowledge she would provide for her patients. I love trying out her recipes and my kids have fun making what we now call “Mommy’s Surprise.” The food boards that she made to go over during visits and the shopping lists she gave me were an invaluable part of my success.

Jennifer O.

I felt very frustrated and incapacitated because of not knowing how to deal with my diabetes. A friend told me about the excellent results she had experienced as a patient of Dr. Marcantel.  Since starting with her program I feel more empowered by the information Dr. Marcantel has given me and in control of my diabetes. In 2 1/2 months my Hemoglobin A1C dropped from 6.4 to 5.9, my triglycerides from 371 to 183, and my cholesterol from 266 to 172! I’ve decreased my oral diabetic medication and I’m using natural supplements to lower my cholesterol. I visit her website regularly for information; I get the newsletter and use the recipes. I love the tips in the newsletters and on the website–vinegar water is great!

Teresa C.

Lynne R.

I was not receiving guidance from my clinic physician on specific methods to control and reduce the effects of my diabetes, other than continuation of medication. I saw Dr. Marcantel’s advertisement…She appeared to offer exactly the type of care I was looking for. My physical condition and my attitude towards my diabetes have improved dramatically with Dr. Marcantel’s advice and guidance. My results of the initial 12 weeks of following her program:

  • Weight loss: 25+ pounds

  • Morning blood sugar readings reduced from a range of 188-232  to 99-126

  • After evening meal blood sugar readings reduced from a range of 87-212  to 82-124

  • Hemoglobin A1C reduced from 9.9 on to 7.4

  • Glucose reduced from a high of 255 to a high of 131

I feel that one of the very valuable aspects of Dr. Marcantel’s services is the unhurried one-on-one consultations, indicating a high degree of interest in the patient’s welfare…I am very appreciative of the care and advice I have received from Dr. Marcantel.

Henri V.A.

Having recently moved to Arizona from out of state, I was in search of a new physician. After some reading, I knew that I wanted to use a Naturopathic doctor for my health care needs. I found Dr. Marcantel’s site on the internet and was attracted to her integrated approach to healthcare…There is no doubt that Dr. Marcantel has helped me. Not only did my cholesterol drop from 301 to 189, my LDL from 205 to 96 and my Cholesterol/HDL ratio from 5.9 to 4.5, but I lost 10 pounds–all in just under three months! She has shown me how the food I eat can actually help my body heal itself. Even though I may get off track occasionally, I am learning that just by making changes in my eating habits, using quality supplements, exercising “with sweat” AND keeping a journal, I am going down the right road…I am greatly encouraged by the progress I have made in such a short time. I am confident that I will see more great results in the near future.

Amy S.


Dr. Marcantel helped tremendously in teaching me how to eat the kinds of foods that are the healthiest as well as the combination of proteins and carbs in order to watch my blood sugar so my triglycerides will lower. By following her diet plan I have lost most of my very strong cravings for highly sweet foods as well as lost 5 pounds in 6 weeks (even while taking anti-depressants). Also, Dr. Marcantel has helped me discover that my female hormones are estrogen dominant. Within the first two cycles taking bioidentical progesterone I have noticed a lot less facial and chest acne, some improvement with extremely tender breasts, a lot less blood clotting (resulting in less painful/less crampy periods) and a regulation of timing.

I’ve also found the website helpful. I especially enjoy the newsletters that come by e-mail. It gently reminds me to read up on info that concerns my condition.

Trina D.

A few words about the good Dr. Marcantel from a most happy fella:  I came to her as an overweight, self-satisfied, middle-aged male with diabetes. I was taking glipizide twice a day, and on the medication my daily [fasting blood sugar] numbers hovered a little under 150. Within a month of enrolling in Dr. Marcantel’s program for diabetics I no longer needed medication. My numbers without medication now hovered at 100 and below! (And my primary care physician concurred.) The message is clear: if you’re interested in living a wholesome, drug-free life, listen to what Dr. Marcantel says. She’s changing my life for the better.

Lee B.

In six weeks I have lost over 10 pounds and my blood sugars have dropped up to 25 points. Every week my average blood sugar has continued to drop. I have stopped taking insulin shots and we are working on reducing or eliminating other medication. What Dr. Marcantel is doing works for me…

Jack S.

I have been seeing Dr. Marcantel for my type 2 diabetes since 2005.  She is the consummate health care provider.  In this day and age when doctors rush you in and out in five minutes, Dr. Marcantel is a breath of fresh air.  She spends as much time as is needed to delve into the specifics of my care, covering all aspects.  It’s so nice to be treated as a person, and not a number!

I like the way Dr. Marcantel integrates her background in conventional medicine with naturopathic medicine, so that I get the best of both worlds. I especially appreciate that she relentlessly searches for root causes, rather than simply treating symptoms.  In addition, her faith and belief in prayer help her truly treat the whole patient. Dr. Marcantel is also very patient and compassionate.  I’ve never felt rushed when asking her questions or discussing my care.  She genuinely cares about her patients.  It’s sometimes hard to think of her as a physician when she feels so much like a friend!  I know that I’m getting the best of care with Dr. Marcantel and I recommend her very highly!

Karen B.

I have never been more grateful for anything than meeting Dr. Marcantel. She was interested in using neurotransmitters for treatment of depression, insomnia, and stress and boy, did I have those. We began a course of testing and treatment that continued for about one year. I was off antidepressants almost immediately and was feeling so much better emotionally and physically. The best thing was she told me that we would fix these problems and then we would deal with the weight.

Now we are working on my insulin resistance and weight. My fasting blood sugars and A1c have come down. My blood pressure was elevated and I was on medication for a while, but with my improved health now I am only taking an herbal blood pressure supplement. I have lost some inches, but not a great deal of weight yet, but I know that will come. We have only just begun that part of the journey.

I have been in the allopathic world of medicine over 35 years and because I have some knowledge, I have been able to choose physicians that are very good. My primary is marvelous and I have been seeing him for about 15 years. He treats my allergies and asthma and fusses over me when I get stressed, but his treatment is to give me drugs, which I don’t necessarily want. Dr. Marcantel is able to connect on a deeply spiritual level that I have never had before with a health care provider. That is where her special gifts lie.

Her generous and loving spirit combined with an uncanny ability to diagnose problems and treat them in the most noninvasive manner make her a truly amazing physician and healer. I am proud to call her my doctor but more proud to call her a friend.

Pat J.

I met the first time with Dr. Marcantel with my husband… She didn’t pass by one question that I had. Light bulbs were lighting up in my head as she explained in detail the endocrine system and how my body was acting with the diabetes. Not only did she agree with all of my thoughts on keeping under control, but she gave me an actual eating plan to get my glucose in control and keep it balanced, not up and down all over the place. Finally, someone that understood I wanted to take part in my treatment and that I don’t want the complications of diabetes….

….Not only did she approach my problem through her naturopathic training but also her training in conventional medicine as a registered nurse. It all came together so well, and I felt so encouraged….By the next month I had energy, I felt no depression, and I was excited about the new foods and the new recipes I could create. Dr. Marcantel shared some treats with me that keep eating fun and interesting….

….I am proud to say that in three short months my Hemoglobin A1c went from that starting point of 11.3 to 5.4 (which is amazing!). Three months after that my Hemoglobin A1c was 5.5! … I have lost weight, too, and my cholesterol has dropped, as well as my triglycerides. I began an exercise program… I now use a treadmill and do from 2-3 miles on that each day and ride a recumbent bike for a mile. I feel fantastic!

Jackie F.