PMS symptoms can often be related to estrogen dominance and may be easily treatable when properly diagnosed. Dr. Tina Marcantel is a naturopathic physician in Gold Canyon, Arizona, who also serves the East Valley cities of Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Tempe, Apache Junction, and the greater Phoenix area.


We are starting to get more and more women that are bringing in their daughters now. It’s so good to see–it’s preventative medicine.

The first thing the mother says is, “They’re terrible around their PMS symptoms, and their breasts are hurting them, and they’re irritable, and it’s just very difficult to be around my young girl at this time.” So they bring them in and we do a salivary hormone test, check their estrogen and their progesterone, testosterone, DHEA–because we also want to rule out stuff like PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome] and things such as that.

But this is an indication that, most of the time, we see low progesterone. And what we do is either give them botanicals or we give them a little bit of progesterone cream and it works wonders. I much prefer to use bioidentical estrogen and progesterone when I have to–I don’t use the synthetic.

So, all that said, the estrogen dominance is big in the United States and the mothers are bringing the girls in at an earlier age. It’s great to see that; it’s a preventative. Less girls on the birth control pill because that in itself is somewhat–well, it’s not natural to be suppressing our ovarian function like that.

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