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Dr. Tina Marcantel, NMD: “When a new patient comes in, we like to do a very thorough history and we also do a physical as well. We go over any lab reports that they may have. And it usually takes about an hour to do the initial visit. The history is very important because everybody is an individual and we have to make sure that we get all the details of the patient’s history because that will help me to help them. So, I tell people, get ready because I will question you a lot. I will pick your brain per se. And as much as you can, have ready with you, the information that you know, your symptoms especially, your symptomatology. I’m going to ask you about in detail, when it started and the severity of it and such as that. And also the history, we have paper work here because I want to see, get an in depth look at the patient’s history, his genetics and all that. So, I also do a thorough physical on a person, just to rule out any abnormalities.

What To Expect During Your Initial Consultation With Chandler Natural Doctor, Dr. Tina Marcantel

We do an abdominal exam. We do eyes, ears, nose, throat. We check the thyroid, the lymph nodes. We do quite a number of things, your blood pressure, heart and lungs as well. And then, the person will usually with a blood lab slip and they will usually leave if there’s an indication of symptomatology, leading to suspicion of a hormonal imbalance. I will have them do a saliva test, check all the different hormones. And then, after all that’s done, we’ll have them come back in a couple of weeks and we’ll go over everything. Over here, my belief is to educate the patient. Education will empower people. And so, I do spend quite a length of time, going over the test with the patient, giving them the information, a copy of their test and giving them the information and then, we come up with a protocol.”

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