Dr. Tina Marcantel’s Education Background As A Naturopathic Doctor

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Video Transcript

, Naturopathic Doctor: So basically, I was a nurse for many years, about 20 years. And I decided to go back to school, to be a naturopathic physician. I was getting a bit frustrated with some of the things that I saw. We weren’t getting to the root cause of people’s problems. And so, I wanted to try to help people at a holistic level. Not only take care of the root cause of the problems, but also involve the spiritual, emotional, psychic, as well as the body. So, I decided to pack up my bags and my kids and my husband and I came out here from Galveston, Texas, came to Tempe, Arizona and went to a four-year program in Tempe, Arizona, a naturopathic program, and have been practicing since 2003.

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