Dr. Tina Marcantel, Naturopathic Doctor: One of the big things we do over here is balancing hormones. So, when I’m talking about balancing hormones and I’m talking about that for all ages. Balancing hormones for all ages both male and female. That is what I pretty much specialize in. I do other things as well. The other thing that we do over here is, I do pretty much counseling, because I want to deal with the whole person and I always deal with the physical first because the patient’s not feeling good when they come in and we have to take care of the physical and balance those hormones out or give them whatever they need to start feeling better and then we want to look at the root cause of the problem.

A lot of times people have stressors or things that they’re suppressing, anger or whatever else that is causing their physical problem. So, we always talk about that. We counsel about that and I do counseling here, but I also have about three or four other counselors that we can refer out to, because again, we want to figure out the root cause of the problem, what’s causing the physical problem. So, I would say we specialize more in hormone therapy and balancing the hormone therapy and also looking at the whole person and if we need to do counseling, we do counseling, as well. I also, talk with people too or about the importance of meditation. Of course, diet and exercise are important. But quieting the mind and meditation and yoga also are very important in allowing healing to come to the body.