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There’s no need to sit in the waiting room filling out your new patient registration forms. For your convenience, we have provided the forms in PDF format so you may open and print the forms at home or work. Just bring in the completed forms when you come for your first office visit. The forms also include a map and written directions to our office. New Patient Registration Forms

On our Fees page, you can find a complete list of our fees for your initial visit, subsequent visits, and many of the common laboratory tests we offer.

What can you expect on your first visit with Dr. Marcantel? Read this page to learn all about it!

What about insurance? Dr. Marcantel, like most naturopathic doctors, is not an in-network provider with any insurance plans. However, it may be possible to get some reimbursement if you have out-of-network benefits with your policy that covers naturopathic services. This article will give you more information.

The naturopathic approach focuses on wellness care rather than sick care. That means that Dr. Marcantel wants to partner with you to address your immediate health concerns first, then work alongside you to help you move toward a lifetime of vibrant health.Dr. Marcantel and her staff are committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals through our NEXT STEP program. We’ll work with you by providing the teaching, therapies, and encouragement you need to climb the stairway to successfully reach those goals.

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