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“My intention in our consultation is to give you the knowledge and understanding you need to navigate your journey to health and well being.” 
Dr. Tina Marcantel


What are the reasons you may choose to book a phone consultation with Dr. Marcantel?

*Are you frustrated with brief doctors’ visits and find yourself saying, “I just need someone to listen to me!”

*Are you overwhelmed with the amount of information you are finding online and need help to sort it out?

*Do you need help asking your doctors about what tests you may need to get to the root cause of your problem?

*Do you need help identifying and explaining your symptoms so you can convey your concerns to your doctors?

*Do you have questions about things like diet and exercise, stress management, or need general information about health issues that don’t necessarily require a “doctor visit”?

*Do you need a knowledgeable and experienced “health coach” that can answer your questions and set you on the path to optimal health?

As a former registered nurse and current naturopathic doctor, Tina Marcantel has over 30 years in the medical profession in both the conventional and naturopathic fields. In a non-patient phone consultation she can give you the knowledge you need to make informed choices on many topics concerning your health care decisions.

Dr. Marcantel’s primary focus is on conditions related to the endocrine (hormone) system, including such conditions as type 2 diabetes, low thyroid, perimenopause and menopause, premenstrual syndrome, and adrenal fatigue.

Want to learn more about how you can set up a non-patient consultation with Dr. Marcantel? Just click on the link below and it will take you to our “Consultations” page on our new website.

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Learn about setting up a phone consultation with Dr. Marcantel

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