woman on phoneOnce you have established as a patient with Dr. Marcantel, most follow-up appointments to review lab results and discuss treatment protocols or medication changes can be done through phone consultations. Phone consultations are a convenient way of having a visit with Dr. Marcantel without having to leave your home or work to travel to our clinic.

How It Works


  1. Call our office (480-738-1647) to schedule your appointment.
  2. Phone appointments range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the nature of the visit and how much needs to be discussed. 
  3. At the time you schedule, please specify the phone number you would like us to call for your appointment.
  4. If you will be reviewing labs with Dr. Marcantel, please be sure you have access to them through our Patient Fusion patient portal or that we have provided you with copies. (If you are not yet enrolled with Patient Fusion, please contact our office for instructions on how to join.)
  5. Please be sure we have a current credit card on file for you. Your card will be charged for the appropriate length of your phone appointment after it is completed.

Your appointment:

  1. On the day of your appointment, Dr. Marcantel will call you at the appointed time.
  2. Dr. Marcantel will call you as close to the appointed time as possible. Please allow for the possibility that her call may be delayed by 5-10 minutes due to a previous appointment running longer than expected. In the unlikely event that the delay will be more than that, our office will call you to update you.
  3. It is generally very helpful to have note paper and a pen handy, along with copies of your lab results and a list of specific questions you may have for Dr. Marcantel.

Phone consultation fee schedule:

The length of time required for follow-up visits is dependent on the time necessary to provide the best possible ongoing treatment for the patient.

10-15-minute appt:  $65

20-30-minute appt:  $120

35-45-minute appt:  $170

50-60 minute appt:  $220

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!