Choosing naturopathic care means that you have chosen to step out of the restrictions of the conventional medical system to find the type of health care you are seeking. It also means that you have made the decision to invest in yourself by assuming financial responsibility for your wellness goals. Still, it may be possible to receive reimbursement from your health insurance provider for some of the services we offer.

Full payment for services is due at the time the services are rendered, including services that may be covered by insurance.

Naturopathic medicine may be covered by some insurance plans. Check with your insurance company to determine if this is a covered benefit. Dr. Marcantel is not in-network with any insurance providers and does not submit billing claims. At your request, a superbill will be provided for you to send in to your insurance company for possible out-of-network reimbursement. Please read all of the information below to better understand the limitations of insurance coverage for our services.

Most insurance plans do not list Naturopathic Physicians as providers. However, reimbursement for many of our services may be possible under the Out-of-Network benefits provision in your plan.

Medicare, Medicaid (AHCCCS), TRICARE, and other government insurance policies do not cover Naturopathic Physicians.

Dr. Marcantel’s office does not offer prequalification of coverage for patients. Please contact your insurance provider directly with questions about covered services.

Most of the services offered by Dr. Marcantel should qualify under your Health Savings Account (HSA) plan.

If you would like to submit for reimbursement on your own, please request a superbill providing a summary of the services rendered, diagnoses, and charges applied to send to your insurance company.

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