Lost that sense of well being and vitality? We all want to feel our best, right? We also all need reminders about things we can do to maintain that daily pep in our step.

In this week’s video post, “5 Reasons You May Have Lost Your Mojo (and how to get it back),” I review why we may not be feeling as great as we could be, and what we can do to correct it!

*Do you feel drained because you over commit yourself or hang out with energy sappers?
*Exercise is good, right? Yes, but only in the proper amounts for your circumstances!
*Do you know that what and when you eat play a big part in your energy levels throughout the day?
*Are you practicing good sleep habits?
*What are you doing to calm your “monkey mind”?

In this video post, I share some of the techniques I practice myself to try to stay at the top of my game physically and mentally. I hope you find some of these tips helpful!

Leave us a comment! What do YOU do to make sure you’re in top form?