Do you find yourself getting angry and fearful when you watch the news or go through your Facebook feed? Do the different opinions of family members or friends (and even complete strangers) on certain subjects really set you on edge? A continual state of emotional turmoil can trigger hormonal changes that actually lead to stress-related physical illnesses–not to mention the mental unrest we experience.

We don’t want to bury our heads in the sand and simply ignore the world around us, but how do we deal with troublesome thoughts without allowing them to affect us so deeply? Compassionate awareness is the practice of being mindful of our emotions and thought patterns and being aware of what triggers them. By following this practice we can deal with these negative thoughts and emotions while making a conscious effort to choose peace and love for ourselves. When we choose love, we then radiate that into the world and help promote the changes we desire to see around us.

Watch Dr. Marcantel’s video about how to incorporate this extremely helpful practice into your own life and recognize the triggers that may be causing stress and chronic problems in your health and emotions.