Compassionate Awareness

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Compassionate awareness is the practice of being mindful of our emotions and thought patterns and being aware of what triggers them.

Children of the Chakras: How the chakras affect physical health (video)

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In this basic introduction to the chakras, Dr. Marcantel talks about the seven energy centers in the body and how they can affect our physical health, as well as discussing tools for working with energy medicine to help achieve and retain physical healing.

Recommended Reading from Dr. Tina Marcantel

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Heading to the beach or need some airplane reading for your upcoming vacation? Why not use some of that down time to catch up on some books that can bring positive changes into your life?

The Seven Chakras: An Introduction

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The seven chakras are the energy centers in your body. Each of these energy centers has a related spiritual truth; and, in Ayurvedic medicine (traditional holistic Indian medicine), each of the chakras also corresponds to physical areas and organ systems in your body.

Guided Energy Sessions

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Dr. Marcantel’s Guided Energy Sessions can help free blocked energy and promote emotional and physical healing.