Video Transcript

Dr. Tina Marcantel, Gilbert Naturopathic Doctor:

“A certain percentage of illnesses are caused from stress. A lot of people that come here are stressed out, they’re fatigued. Because they’re not sleeping well at night. So, basically with stress, stress affects the nervous system. The nervous system affects the endocrine system. The endocrine system is all the different hormones we were talking about. And then, the endocrine system affects all of the different organ systems. And then, you have the signs and symptoms. You show up with signs and symptoms, whatever they may be. Some people have a rash, some people have gastrointestinal problems, some people can’t sleep, it’s all different. The body is screaming to be heard. That’s what I say to patients. Let’s find out… Your body is very intelligent. Let’s find out what it’s trying to tell us and figure it out. So, I have much, much respect for the body that comes here and sits there before me because it’s trying to tell us something. It’s trying to tell us a story. So, that’s why I’m always picking your brain and asking you about the history and the symptomatology.

Dr. Tina Marcantel, Gilbert Naturopath Doctor Discusses StressWe have a book [Imagine: A Whole Different Kind of Medical Care] that we have written, and that book will help you to understand some of the things to recognize, some of the symptomatology that’s going on with your body. And then, you can interject that at our visits, and again, you’re going to help me to help you. I recommend to all my patients to read the book and see where those things apply to you. Because a lot of times, people will come back, and they will say, “Oh, Dr. Marcantel, I forgot to tell you this or I forgot to tell you that.” And so again, it’s helping me to help them. So, going back to the stress issue. It can manifest itself in so many ways. And it’s so different for different people. And so, stress may affect one person very differently from the other and people ask the question why. And that goes into a little bit more detail.

I already said we talk about treating the whole person here. We have energy systems in our body. We call them chakras and there are different chakras. There are different energy systems running in our body. We know we are made up of energy because we can detect the energy on EKGs, EEGs, and such as this. For one reason or the other, there are certain weaknesses in our bodies that will affect us. So, one person, you may get a gastrointestinal problem, I may get migraine headaches. And we both have, let’s say, we both have the same job, we both are having to handle a lot of stress at the job and everything. Of course, the way our role models, the way we were brought up, and all that is as important, but again, we have these parts of our body that are energy systems that actually affect our physical health. And I’m going to go more into that on my next book, because the energy systems have a lot to do with the root cause of people’s physical problems. So again, that’s going back to stress, how it affects us all differently.”

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