Protein snacks between meals are a great way to reduce hunger cravings and keep your blood sugars balanced. Eating enough proteins is really the key to maintaining a healthy weight because proteins still provide the energy you need without causing those glucose spikes that lead to weight gain. Time your protein snacks between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, and one or two hours before bedtime. Eating small snacks throughout the day will also help to cut down on the amount you consume during your “main” meals.

smoked salmon thumbDr. Marcantel offers some good protein snack suggestions and explains why eating them can help prevent unwanted weight gain in her article “Stress, Blood Sugars, and Weight Gain (and how to control them!).”


Balancing Blood Sugars thumbYou can also get a great understanding of what causes blood sugar fluctuations that lead to sugar and other carbohydrate cravings with her video Balancing Blood Sugars with Protein Snacks.


yogurt-protein-snack-small-thumb-w-play-buttonMake a Yogurt Protein Power Snack by following along with this fun video from Dr. Marcantel!


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