by Dr. Tina Marcantel

palo verdeIt’s that time of year: the desert is in full bloom with a beautiful array of flowers. Unfortunately for some, the extra pollen and dust in the air can also mean the misery of sinus congestion and other allergic reactions. Along with that, we’re also still in cold and flu season. So how do you tell the difference in your symptoms and what can you do to get some relief?

The symptoms for allergies and colds can be similar: a stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, coughing, and sneezing are common to both. With allergies, however, you may experience itchy eyes and skin rashes, and the irritation is generally concentrated in the nose and throat. Allergy symptoms are also usually seasonal and tend to last longer than a cold.sickly

A cold, on the other hand, may be accompanied by fever and body aches and the symptoms usually have a duration of 7-10 days. Also, people who have allergies are more prone to catching colds.

So what can you do to feel better?

*If the symptoms are severe and long-lasting, you should see your healthcare professional to guard against the possibility of sinus infections.

*Certain supplements can help. In my clinic I recommend a product called Seasonal Clear that has provided excellent results for many of my patients. Vitamin C is also an excellent immune booster.

*Adding a few drops of Allimax Liquid (a natural antibiotic made from garlic concentrate) to your Neti Pot can also be a very effective remedy to clear out the sinus cavities.

*Strengthen your immune system by getting plenty of rest and eating a good diet. For more information on this subject, see my article, “Avoid Colds and Flu with a Stronger Immune System.”

*If you have a lingering cough or cold that you just can’t seem to shake, IV therapy with targeted homeopathic treatment will give your immune system a big boost.

With some proper precautions and the right treatments, spring can be a great time for you to actually enjoy the flowers!