by Dr. Tina Marcantel

There are many great reasons for following a regular exercise regimen. Dr. Tina Marcantel is a naturopathic doctor in Gilbert, Arizona, who also serves the East Valley cities of Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Apache Junction, and Queen Creek.

Join Dr. Marcantel in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, for a virtual hike as she discusses the many benefits of a regular exercise program!

We all know that exercise is good for us. It can help us lose weight and strengthen our cardiovascular systems. But those are just two of the many good reasons we should all follow a regular exercise regimen. Consider these other great benefits of staying physically active:

*Exercise combined with a proper diet is a great natural treatment for type 2 diabetes. When we work out our cells become less insulin resistant, meaning that they can absorb more easily the glucose they need.

*Exercise also can help prevent premature bone loss. Weight-bearing exercises like walking stimulate osteoblastic activity, resulting in increased bone density.

*Need even more reasons to stay fit by staying active? Studies have shown that a moderate exercise program will help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer. It also releases endorphins and serotonin, two brain chemicals that positively affect your moods.

*Aerobic exercise combined with strength building is an important way to stimulate the release of fat from fat cells. Regular exercise can also boost the metabolism by up to 8%, which means that less fat is stored in the first place.

*In another study, women who exercise reported 39 percent fewer fat cravings and 22 percent fewer sugar cravings. So not only are you burning calories, your body actually learns to lose the desire for some of the foods you should limit!

*Another benefit specifically for women is that studies have found that women that exercise three or more hours a week reduced their risk of breast cancer by over 30 percent. For more information on this topic, see Dr. Marcantel’s article, “Breast Health and Exercise.”