by Dr. Tina Marcantel


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big believer in positive thinking. As a holistic health care practitioner, I know how powerful the mind is and how our thoughts and attitude about life can affect both our emotional and our physical health. Beyond that I also believe that our thoughts can truly help to create the world around us and that a positive frame of mind attracts good things into our lives.

With that in mind, here’s an idea I’ve come up with that may help you as you launch into this new and exciting year ahead!

Part of retraining our minds to be positive thinkers is the use of daily positive affirmations—little phrases we can repeat out loud to help us adjust our attitudes and anticipate good things to come.

My source for these daily affirmations is a calendar, but you might subscribe to a newsletter or have a favorite website you visit for yours. Repeating one of these affirmations is a great way to approach your day with a positive attitude and I’ve been doing it for years. BUT HERE’S THE NEW TWIST!

Rather than simply discarding the page from my calendar at the end of the day, I decided to keep them and group them into categories. In order to keep them organized, I picked up a small coupon book and divided it into sections. Examples in my book are Love, Prosperity, Relationships, Health, and the Chakras.

After a few months of collecting and categorizing these affirmations, I find that I have a great resource for those times when I’m struggling with a particular negative experience or feeling. For example, if I’m feeling discouraged about a personal financial setback I might pull several of the affirmations from the “Prosperity” section to concentrate on during my meditation time. Focusing on sayings like, “I give thanks for all that is lovingly supplied to me” or “I am a magnet for Divine prosperity” help me remember to concentrate on the good things that are coming my way rather than dwelling on past disappointments.

On another day I might be feeling run down and feel like sickness is trying to take hold—that’s a great time to engage my mind with affirmations from the “Health” category. Repeating words like, “I listen to the messages of my body and support it in creating perfect health” helps to get the positive energy and endorphins flowing to boost my immune system.

In a future article I’ll also show you how I incorporate these ideas with the use of Emotional Freedom Technique (or “tapping”) for a really powerful experience.

The coupon book works well for me, but any type of organizer will suffice—a card file, binder, or even envelopes. Since this is the beginning of the new year, it’s a great time to start this practice. Why not give it a try? I truly believe using these positive affirmations can be a life-changing experience because they can help you create the life you desire and deserve!

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