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I recently attended a wonderful three-day seminar with Laura Alden Kamm, author of Intuitive Wellness and founder of the Center for Applied Energy Medicine.

As her website says: “As a structural and medical intuitive, she has worked with countless individuals around the world, from all strata of society. Doctors have called Laura a “walking MRI” for her laser-like accuracy in intuitive assessments. She is a popular radio guest and the host of Laura Kamm Live: Words Along the Way. She has served on research panels, including the National Institute of Health-funded studies on remote healing with HIV/AIDs patients. Laura has also worked with the complementary medicine unit at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.”

I’ll be doing more training with her in the future to further my ability to help individuals on all levels–physical, spiritual, and emotional. Getting to the root causes of illness is so important!

Dr. Tina Marcantel and Laura Alden KammDr. Tina Marcantel and Laura Alden Kamm

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