Let the Winds of Change Reveal Your Treasures!

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by Dr. Tina Marcantel

treasure-chest While relaxing and listening to calming music in my back yard the other day, a series of thoughts played out in my mind almost as if I were watching a video.

I saw a deserted ocean side beach and watched as a strong wind scattered and shifted the sands, reshaping the landscape. In one spot a treasure chest was revealed as the sand blew away, and in the open treasure chest were sparkling gems of all shapes and colors. As I considered these images, I thought what a wonderful analogy this was for the way change often works in our lives.

For me, the wind represents changes that blow through our lives—some that we bring about ourselves and some that we can’t control. In either case, change can be uncomfortable and even frightening. The blowing sands are the stuck emotions that accumulate to bury the gifts and treasures we have to offer the world. Layers of thoughts and feelings of fear (such as lack, anger, irritability, unforgiveness, and resentment) can hide our authentic, divine nature from others and even from our own conscious minds.

When the wind of change blows in, fear of the unknown and a loss of control in our lives stirs up these emotions because we may feel inadequately prepared to deal with the new circumstances that will follow. As these suppressed emotions rise we have a choice—we can either struggle against the wind to try to keep them suppressed or we can simply observe them without judgment. We don’t chastise ourselves for having these thoughts; we simply see them as parts of ourselves that are no longer serving us and we watch as the wind uncovers, lifts, and carries them away.

Notice also that we don’t have to dig to get to our treasure. By simply observing, feeling, and releasing these trapped emotions we allow our sparkling, divine nature to rise to the surface. The jewels that are revealed are the joy, fun, love, laughter, trust, and creativity that we may have long ago forgotten were a part of us. Once these are exposed they become gifts for ourselves as we learn to honor and love ourselves again, and gifts for others that we are now free to share with the world around us.

So let the winds of change blow and stir up the sand in your soul! As those stuck emotions begin to move on, the treasure that is your authentic self will begin to sparkle again!


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