by Dr. Tina Marcantel

bug zapperHave you ever seen a bug zapper? You probably know what I mean—one of those lights you hang in the back yard that has an electrified screen around it. When I was meditating the other day, that’s the image I got concerning controlling the negative thoughts that try to sneak into our minds. And the great thing about this tool is that it takes almost no effort! Let me explain.

As I fill my mind with thoughts of light and love and I connect with the divinity within me, that light shines brighter and brighter in my mind. How do I do that? By consciously choosing to think and act on positive ideas and thoughts. For instance, I’ve written before about keeping a gratitude journal and actually writing down all the things I’m grateful for. I also love using positive affirmations to help me keep my mind focused on the life I want to create for myself.

I’ve written before about trying to control my thoughts in my article, “What Was I Thinking?” and talked about focusing only on those ideas and emotions that serve me while letting the others go. Here’s what I recently realized, though. The more I dwell on the flow of the Divine in me, the less I have to consciously control “negative” thinking!

As the “bugs” of words/thoughts/beliefs/emotions that don’t benefit me enter my field of light and love, they are zapped before I’m really even aware that they’re there:

*“You’ll never be able to accomplish that…” ZAPPED by the positive affirmations I regularly practice that remind me that I am enough and that the universe works with me to achieve my desires.

*“That person is to blame for your problems…” ZAPPED by my continuing acceptance that how I live my life is my choice and my responsibility.

*“I’m worried about this situation of…” ZAPPED by my understanding that every problem has a solution and that that solution will be revealed as I calmly and quietly trust in the divine flow within me.

*“I’m angry with that person because…” ZAPPED as I routinely seek to connect with the divine in every person and send loving thoughts their way, even when they may be acting in ways I disagree with.

Get the idea? When you fill your mind with light and love, there is less and less work involved with controlling those thoughts and feelings that don’t serve you—they simply dissolve before you begin to dwell on them.

As I experience the transformation of my mind and become increasingly aware of these things, I realize that the flow of the Divine in my life becomes more natural for me each day. I am so grateful—God is good; life is good!

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